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How to use Iron On Labels

Your guide on how to iron on NAME IT labels. It's easy to use Name It Iron on Labels.

1. Heat your iron to the cotton setting. No steam.  Wait for the iron to fully heat. 

2  Place your label onto your garment, with no covering cloth.  

3. Iron and press FIRMLY not moving your iron to press your label into place, for a moment. Then iron over the top of your label for about 7 - 10 seconds.  

ONLY use a piece of baking paper over the top of the label, if your iron is non-teflon, or dirty, in which case the label may, in some cases,  stick to your iron  You can also use baking paper, to protect a fabric from your iron, but make sure you press hard through it and give it enough heat. In most cases, iron our labels directly onto your garment for best results. 

Extra Information

  • The 7 - 10 seconds of heat will be enough to melt the glue and activate it. Some materials will need only 5 and some will need more. The labels need heat and pressure to seal well.  
  • Always leave your label to cool down and set.
  • The glue in our labels will continue to set hard over the next 24 hours. But you can try to lift a corner, to make sure it is well sealed.  If not, increase your heat and iron over the top again. 
  • Do not wash your garment for the next 24 hours. 

DELICATE fabrics.

For fabrics that are made of wool or anything delicate you can iron for SHORT periods of time, so that you don't leave your iron on your garment for long periods that may burn it.  Place the label on the garment.  Heat your iron and press hard for a short time. Lift the iron. Then iron again for another short time. These repeated, short irons at lower heat, will heat the glue enough to activate it on a delicate item. 


You can iron right on top of the NAME IT iron on label at any time as they are made from a soft blend of cotton/polyester.  (Other iron on labels on the market have a plastic surface and you can never iron straight onto them).  This makes NAME IT unique. 

Our NAME IT Iron on labels are made for clothes. All clothes!  Most fabrics - and socks.  The only fabric our iron on labels will not stick to is nylon.  But materials that are a blend of nylon and polyester are alright. 

For socks use the shorter length iron on or cut your standard one down.  You can ask us to split a standard pack of iron on eg for a 100 pack, ask us to print 80 standard length and 20 short length. Write this in the comment section of your order.

We have fabulous feedback on this product.  Thank you to those who take the time to write.