Frequently Asked

Frequently asked questions

Should I order as a GUEST or make an ACCOUNT?

It takes the same amount of time to register and asks the same questions for both. If you sign in as a GUEST then your email is retained but no other information.  If you sign on for an ACCOUNT, it retains standard information like your address, so that your next order is much quicker to place.  We don't give out your email to a third party for any registration. 

I can't remember my password? My password is not recognised. 

If your password is not working, please just click on the FORGOT password feature and follow the link to confirm that your email is yours.  The link will take you back to your own email. This is a safety precaution and should only take an extra moment.  

The Payment page Goes Round and Round

This is a browser issue and happens with Firefox and Safari. We find Chrome works well. 


TYPES of labels and what to use

What about socks?
Yes, our iron on labels will adhere to socks. Place them on the sole of the foot. Put the label from toe to heel to avoid the stretch.

What type of clothing labels should I order for my Mum/Dad going into a rest home?

We recommend our iron on labels for rest home and retirement homes because they are tested and guaranteed to stay on in a hot commercial wash. They are easy to apply. The printing is clear and bold. They are our best selling product as they have stood the test of time. Many NZ resthomes order with us.  Find out more by clicking here.

Do you recommend your IRON ON labels for all clothing?
Our iron on labels will adhere to most clothing, including wool.  (See below for delicate fabrics.)  The only material they will not stick to is pure nylon eg stockings. Some fabrics have a mixture of nylon and polyester and that material is O.K.  Just check your garment label if in doubt, or attach the iron on label to the label in the garment. They are usually polyester. Our iron on labels work wonderfully on cotton and polyester. 

I have an expensive woollen cardigan and a few other delicate items - how can I label them?

A good tip is to use a piece of BAKING PAPER to cover your label and protect any delicate fabric.  Keep your dry iron to a very high temperature. Press hard. Do not use a hanky or tea towel over the labels as that will stop the heat.  

Do your labels work on slippers?

Slippers are a popular item to label and are an essential item in a rest home or hospital. You can use our traditional Shoe Labels if the surface inside the slipper/shoe is flat.  However, you can also use an iron on label on the slipper tongue or the inside of the slipper - on the side - where you can point the tip of your hot iron. 

Will the iron on labels last in the hot commercial washers and dryers that the retirement home use?
Yes, they have been fully tested and are used by rest homes and retirement homes around New Zealand.  If you see any label lift after the first wash, then it can only mean it didn't get enough heat the first time round, so just re-iron it again. NO automatic irons as they don't heat up enough. See the TIP sheet that comes with all of our labels. Just a standard iron is fine.   

I've ironed my label on but it's not in the right place - can I get it off?

On some materials it is almost impossible to get our iron on labels off. They are designed to stay on! We have provided customers with a packet of blank labels in some circumstances where it was necessary to remove the name – so they just ironed the new blank label over the existing one.

My elderly Mum is going into respite care - how many labels do you think she will need?
We always say, their name is never going to change, and when new items are purchased for winter/summer, this means you have a few spare if you go for the bigger pack.

What is the difference between the Sew-On clothing labels you sell?
We sell different types of sew on labels - for machine or for hand sew.  

Polyester Sew On Labels -  best for MACHINE sewing
• These printed sew on labels are generally easier to read than woven ones.
• Best to machine sew (A bit hard to hand sew but some people manage it.)
• Small quantity available, starting at a 20 pack for only $17
• Can print 2 lines and upper and lower case

SATIN Labels - 

  • For machine sewing OR hand sewing
  • For home cold wash.
  • A luxury feel with a with a soft sheen appearance. 
  • SOFT on the skin.  Soft to the touch.  
  • We allow room each side for you to fold under and sew by hand or machine. 
  • Clear bold print.  Easy to read. 

 Woven Sew On Labels

• This label is embroidered using traditional looms. They will last a long time and this is a quality product. 
• Can only be done in CAPITAL letters. 
• Minimum quantity is 50 labels
• Different coloured text available against the white background
• Can be sewn by machine or by hand. 

I’ve lost the instructions on how to apply Name It iron on clothing labels. Can you help!?
For more information on this topic please read our web page on How To Iron on Name It Labels.

 QUESTIONS about placing an order with Name It

How do I pay for my order with Name It?
We offer 3 different methods to complete the payment on your order.
• Secure online Credit Card payment with Visa or Mastercard
• Direct Deposit to our Bank of New Zealand account. The details are emailed to you after you order. 
• Afterpay. 

Is it safe to use my Credit Card on your site?
Yes. Our website is secure. When you get to the payment page you will see the padlock sign. We use Eway as our payment provider. This is PCI DSS compliant and a 256-Bit Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway. For further information you can visit their website:

How do I know if my order has been received by Name It ?
After placing your order you will get an email confirmation with your order number and details.  ( It’s always a good idea to check this email to make sure all the information you sent us is correct.)  Once your order has been fulfilled and posted, we will email you an update to let you know. This email will say it has been SHIPPED.

What happens to my name and address if I order with you on the internet?
We will not pass on your details to any other company, for any other purpose.

Can you print special characters and in different languages e.g. Chinese?
Yes – if you can type it in to the order box, we will be able to copy and paste and print your required name/text. However for our sew on Woven labels, these are done on looms and can only print in English, upper case letters only.