Name Labels for Face Masks during Covid-19

We can provide personalized NAME labels that are suitable to be used on face masks and go through hot commercial wash..


one-sided-polyester-.jpg           mask-with-polyester-sew-around.jpg

Mask on left has a small polyester label with a butterfly. Order on the polyester page but you will need to email us your image separately. 

Mask on right has a standard polyester, 2 lines, sew all around. 100 for $38.00

Order on the Polyester page. Write any instructions in the comment box for us. 


We can also provide small runs of CARE labels that can be used on reusable face masks with washing instructions.

Yes we can supply you with personal NAME labels that can be applied to your mask to help identify it to avoid confusion and cross-contamination.

A pack of 20 labels printed with YOUR NAME start from only $17. These labels are very helpful especially in the work place, schools and rest homes. INDIVIDUAL name labels are possible.  Email us. 

If you are a work place/office with essential workers and/or services and you are looking to find a way to label your masks for employees, then please get in contact with us.

If you are clever enough to be making masks and you require a care label attached to your masks – then please get in contact. We can provide a small care label suitable for masks that can include your name/logo, branding and or important washing symbols or care instructions as well as indicating if the mask is “Made in NZ” and what the fabric composition is e.g. 100% cotton.

Name Labels for Cotton / Reusable Face Masks
If you have a reusable, washable face-mask that is made of material such as cotton, merino, wool, polyester etc – then YES our iron on clothing labels (printed with YOUR NAME) will work on these face masks to clearly label them as your own. We recommend either -

Our best selling, easy to use Iron-On Clothing Labels OR 
For HAND sewing labels – we recommend our Satin Name Labels OR
For MACHINE sewing – we recommend the Polyester Name Labels.

Lastly, can we also recommend our waterproof vinyl quality made STICKERS to help identify your own personal belongings for less chance of contamination. Use on just about any surface e.g. wood, plastic, metal, glass and paper. The size is 5cm x 1.2cm with rounded corners to help them stay on for longer.

These stickers are waterproof, microwave safe, freezer safe and ideal to use inside or outside in bright sunlight. They can be used on your office coffee cup. On plates, cutlery. They are ideal in rest homes and for school use.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting NZ Made.